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Written By: Ry
Jan 03, 2011

2010 was one of Usher’s strongest years to date, but it was even better for his secret weapon Rico Love. The songwriter/performer got his first writing credit from Ursh after penning the cut “Throwback” off 2004’s multiplatinum Confessions, and after years of building his brand and writing hits for stars ranging from Beyonce to Nelly, he came full circle by penning a handful of bangers included on ‘09’s Raymond vs. Raymond and this year’s Versus EP.

Outside of the Raymond galaxy, Richard Butler, Jr. has been moonlighting as a businessman and rapper. The budding entrepreneur enlisted former Def Jam rapper Young Chris as the flagship artist for his Division 1 imprint, recently adding Cherlise and Sophie Green to the roster. And on the musical tip, he’s dropped in on songs by Jamie Foxx and Rich Boy, confirming his spit skills are as tight as his pen game.

And he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Speaking with YRB, Rico Love discussed how Usher first put him in the songwriting lane, how haters told him not to touch a Nelly project (and how he silenced them all), how progress is coming along on the next Usher album, who he things is on the rise in the songwriting circuit and why Rico Love is more than just a name recurring in liner notes.

YRB: First off, how did you get your start in the game?

Rico: I started off as a rapper. I was signed to Usher’s label, US Records, and I guess Usher saw something special in how I would write rhymes and how I would put songs together. So one day I went to his office and my financial situation wasn’t at its best, so I needed some money. Like, what am I gonna do? He says, “I think you got the ability to write songs and I’m putting out an album called Confessions. You should write a song on this album. It’s going to be one of my biggest albums.” He gave me a track that Just Blaze produced, and I wrote a song called “Throwback.” It’s the first song I ever wrote in my life. That song ended up being one of the staples on the album, and I co-wrote a song called “Seduction,” which was also on the album, on the deluxe package. That’s how I pretty much got my start in songwriting.

YRB: It’s funny that you started out as a rapper and ended up mostly writing R&B. Did you see yourself going in that direction?

Rico: No, I never did. But I could see why. I always had a strong love for R&B. For me, to be able to write and arrange and sing as well as I do, it actually comes from a genuine love for the art and for the genre. I’ve had a lot of success with crossover R&B and top 40 records as well, but I just feel that my love for music and my ability to adapt and to understand and translate different forms and types of music, it’s really what brought me here. So I always had a love for it, and when it did happen, I thought it made a lot of sense because I always was into different types of music and be arranging songs in my mind, not knowing what I was going to be doing.

YRB: Your name isn’t really Rico Love. Where did the nickname come from?

Rico: In Harlem, this lady in my grandmother’s building, she would call me Rico. My name is Richard, but she would call me Rico because she said my skin was chocolate and rich. So she called me Rico.

YRB: You’ve worked with a who’s who of urban artists. Which musician is the easiest to work with?

Rico: Usher and Beyonce. Those two. Vocally, they just understand and adapt to the records so easily. They get it. They understand how a song should be translated, a feel, a vibe, melodically, where it should go. They just get it. Some people get it. Also, this week I’ve been working with Mario and Mario gets it. He’s one of those singers that when he’s in the booth, he can translate the emotion that you really want to convey on the record, the way you wrote it. He understands that instantly, and I don’t have to explain it too much.

YRB: Do you think that comes with experience? All of those artists have had lengthy careers.

Rico: Nah, this is something you have. I work with artists who have been in the game way longer than those singers and they don’t get it as well. Like, watching Michael Jackson as a kid, you don’t think he got that from experience. He was born with that. Some things you can learn. I taught myself how to sing. But to execute the records the way I do is something I was born with.

YRB: On the flipside, what was the hardest session you’ve had?

Rico: I really don’t have any, because I don’t write with anybody. I don’t write with artists. I don’t do co-writes. I just go in there and write by myself, and it’s really quick. I’ve never taken longer than 10 to 20 minutes to write a song. And it’s not a speed game. It’s definitely not a race. I’m not trying to say I’m the fastest writer in the world. But it’s just my process. I came from a hip-hop background, and I come from feeling the music. I feel like you can feel music, you can’t think it. It’s the way when music plays, if I feel something to it, it’s instantly. When I do the records, it’s kind of quick and painless and I’ll give it to an artist. I mean, everybody has a bad day, so I’m not going to come down on people when it’s not the best vibe. But I feel like my energy is so positive and I’m such a professional, it’s kind of hard to really have a bad session. Nothing’s impossible, but I do my best to control the room. Plus, I have a huge personality and a lot of times, artists have a certain respect for me because I demand that kind of respect in the most genuine and positive way.

YRB: Do you like speaking with the artist before collaborating?

Rico: Nah, I usually just kind of get an idea of what they’re doing. Unless it’s a brand new artist. Artists like Beyonce and Usher and Brandy and Fantasia and Mario, you kind of pretty much know as a fan what you want them to sing and how you want them to sing it. I’m a fan just like everyone else is. I just have the ability to write the song for them. So from the aspect of a fan’s standpoint, I think, “What would I want them to hear? What was my favorite record from them? And how can I make this my own? How can I make the Rico Love version of my favorite song of theirs?” Not necessarily the tempo, not necessarily the concept, but how I felt when I heard my favorite song of theirs and how to create that in my own way.

YRB: What would you consider the most personal song you’ve written for someone?

Rico: Honestly, I don’t write songs based on life experiences. I’ve seen that things I have written about have happened to me afterwards. It’s like somebody who paints a picture or writes a comic book. Obviously, X-Men don’t really exist, but you use your imagination to create something that you think will capture people. So when I write a song about a breakup or being heartbroken, it’s not because I’ve had my heart broken before. You try to imagine how someone would feel, and then I try to come up with a creative way to translate it so they can relate. And it’s about challenging yourself to see if you can capture the listener, and how you can affect them. I want to see people’s reactions. I want people to be emotionally attached to the songs. I love when I’m at a concert and I see people singing “There Goes My Baby.” It does something to me more than money.

YRB: So you keep fans in mind while writing a song?

Rico: Yeah. The way you hear the artist sing it, I already sang it that way. So when I get that feeling, I know how I feel while I’m listening to it and that’s how I would want them to feel.

YRB: Which producers and songwriters are you feeling at the moment?

Rico: I definitely love Ne-Yo. I love Ester Dean, The-Dream, Stacy Barthe… Other people like R. Kelly, who is so consistent. Chris Brown is dope too, I really like his songs right now. He’s writing dope songs, so that’s just to name a few.

YRB: Who’s coming up right now that people should know about?

Rico: A girl by the name of Jessyca Wilson. Her Twitter is @JessyWilsing. She’s really dope. I think she’s going to be one of those people who comes out and really does her thing.

YRB: You started stepping out from behind the boards and into the spotlight. Are you consciously making that transition now to being on the songs?

Rico: Obviously, I want to brand my name and brand myself. I looked up to Puff [Daddy] growing up my whole life, so I definitely wanted to base my career behind the whole Bad Boy label and what he did to brand his whole self and company and musical industry. I don’t plan on putting out an album, but I have a voice that’s very distinctive. I have a style, the way I translate things, it’s very distinctive. So I definitely don’t want to neglect that. I’ll lend my voice to something for the vibe of it. It’s about branding and building that maximum exposure for myself and my company.

YRB: Speaking of your company, you just signed Young Chris as the first artist to your Division 1 imprint. What made you pick him?

Rico: Actually, he was one of my favorite rappers when I was a rapper, and he was one of the guys who I saw as my competition when I was an artist. Just the fact that he’s been doing what he’s been doing for a long time. He got signed when he was 15 years old. Being from that Roc-A-Fella era, I feel that he deserved a shot. Being caught up in the breakup of Roc-A-Fella, Jay and Dame split and Jay signed him to a solo deal at Def Jam and Jay left Def Jam and had to leave him there. There was so much going on, so when he got freed up, I just felt like he’s so talented that he deserves a shot. I was like, yo, I want to sign him. It’s the first executive decision that I made and I feel like I made a great decision. The kind of feedback we got from the internet just from the mixtape, the song is blowing up and I’m excited for him to finally get an opportunity.

YRB: What sort of stuff are you guys working on right now? His next album?

Rico: Yeah yeah. I’ve been working on the album. Me and him haven’t been in yet to start the album yet, because he’s been doing a lot of stuff for his mixtape The Reintroduction, but I’ve been working on songs already for the album. And it’s great working with him, because I can just write hook ideas, and he can come in and put verses on them. We have a great vibe and great chemistry, so it’s a lot of fun. But I’m going to really start going in on the album in mid-January.

YRB: Who else are you thinking about signing or have already signed to D1?

Rico: I’ve got two female artists and an R&B male act. A female artist is Cherlise, an R&B singer from Miami, and another artist by the name of Sophie Green who’s from Washington, D.C. but lives in Brooklyn. Sophie’s style is just all over the place. It’s hard for me to just pinpoint… I’d say she’s the female version of Rico Love, but if she feels like rapping, she’ll rap. If she feels like singing, she sings. She’s got so much energy and she’s such a fly chick. She’s a fashionista. So she’s one of the most glamorous, flyest, well-dressed people I know in the world, and I feel like she just translates that to her music. It’s almost like supermodel music, I would call it.

YRB: What do you look for when you’re scouting new talent?

Rico: First and foremost, they’ve got to be a superstar. They’ve got to have a personality that people want to attach themselves to. I believe an artist has to be someone that kids can admire and want to be like and want to be around. The thing I love the most about female artists is that a girl wants to be Beyonce more than she wants to be with Jay-Z. I just try to find that girl that a guy would want to be with and that the girls would want to be.

YRB: 2010 was a big year for you. What would you consider as the ultimate highlight?

Rico: The Nelly record [“Just a Dream”] blowing up and proving everybody wrong who doubted. Everybody told me not to touch Nelly’s project, that it was just a waste of time and that it was over. And to just do things that I believe in is something that I’ve always prided myself on. To see that success and to see him get that bounce back was just the ultimate climax of my year.

YRB: I’m sure you’ve been putting in work with a lot of artists. Where are we going to see your name pop up in the credits in 2011?

Rico: Everywhere. I have all the releases before 2011. Diddy-Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris, Jamie Foxx’s Best Night of My Life, Keri Hilson’s No Boys Allowed… Just to be involved in all of these projects that’s coming out at the top of the year. We got Mario, Pleasure P, another Usher album dropping this year, Divison 1 launching, Young Chris’ album coming out this year, and I’m trying to get Cherlise’s album out this year. Not to mention the Kelly Rowland album, another Nelly album… Just staying busy and working on everything.

YRB: Another Nelly and Usher album?

Rico: I just started doing records for Usher and Nelly, so we really haven’t gone in the studio and come up with anything. I’ve just been working on songs. I played a few for Usher that he loves. I just don’t want to stop. I want to keep it going and continue to keep that momentum. Another thousand kids are gunning for my spot right now, so I’m not going to give it to them.

YRB: What kind of stuff are you cooking up for Usher?

Rico: I just feel like Usher has a classic sound and music that doesn’t age. So it’s not about really… It doesn’t matter if his music came out this year or 10 years from now. Same thing with “U Got It Bad,” same thing with “You Make Me Wanna.” I just want to make sure we can keep that classic sound. Some artists like Nelly and Usher and Diddy, they have a classic sound. You have to stick to it.


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Written By: Ry
Dec 25, 2010


“Usher is definitely my favorite artist and I watched Usher grow up from a boy to a man and have a long career since he started in the game at 13. I feel Usher has set the blueprint to follow on having longevity. I remember during “Here I Stand” when he got married and had kids things got rough for him but he still bounced back with this project. I feel he showed us that even if you have a set back there is a chance you can bounce back.”

“Usher est définitivement mon artiste favori et j’ai regardé Usher grandir et passer du stade de jeune homme à celui d’homme et avoir une longue carrière puisqu’il a commencé à l’âge de 13 ans.

Je pense que Usher a mis en place le plan à suivre en matière de longévité. Je me souviens durant la période de “Here I Stand” quand il s’était marié et qu’il a eu des enfants, les choses ont été difficiles pour lui mais il a rebondit avec ce projet-Raymond V. Raymond. Je pense qu’il nous a montré que même lorsque l’on a des moments difficiles il y a une possibilité de rebondir”.

Source: TheUrbanDaily

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Written By: Ry
Aug 30, 2010


Usher reste en tête du classement R&B américain pour la 4ème semaine consécutive, battant ainsi Chris Bronw,Tyga et Kevin Mc Call qui se placent à la deuxième place avec “Deuces. Alicia Keys se retrouve 3ème tandis que Monica semble se diriger vers le haut du classement.

Dj Got Us Fallin In Love quant à lui est 5ème du Hot 100 et devient le 15ème top 5 d’Usher aux Etats Unis.Hot tottie est 88ème grâce à ses audiences en radio,le single n’étant sortit que cette semaine.

“Usher reigned for another week on Billboard‘s R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart.

His “There Goes My Baby” remained the top song, beating out “Deuces” from Chris Brown, featuring Tyga and Kevin McCall, which came in at number two.

The number three slot belonged to Alicia Keys‘ “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready).” Rounding out the top five were “Love All Over Me” from Monica and “Miss Me” from Drake, featuring Lil Wayne.

“There Goes My Baby” is the latest single from Raymond V Raymond, the album Usher released in March. The song also appears on Versus, the singer’s latest offering.

Earlier this week, Usher released the music video for his newest single, “DJ Got Us Falling In Love,” which features Miami rapper Pitbull.

Eminem continues to have the top album on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. His Recovery is also number one on the Billboard 200.

by RTT Staff Writer”


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Written By: Ry
Aug 29, 2010


Usher‘s marriage to Tameka Foster may have ended in divorce, but the singer doesn’t consider the relationship a failure.

“I appreciate the relationship for what it was,” he says. “Even though it didn’t work out, I’m glad we got together. I love her as the mother of my children; we just couldn’t be married.”

So what went wrong? Usher says that shortly after the birth of their second child, he and Foster started to disagree over everything from parenting style to his busy schedule.

Read more after the jump/traduction en français en cliquant sur “continue reading”
.“We’re two different people,” he says, “and we have two different goals. It just was never going to work out 100 percent.”

The singer, 31, who sat down with PEOPLE in his Atlanta-area home, says that the couple’s priority continues to be their children. (He and Foster share custody of Usher V, who turns 3 in November, and Naviyd, who turns 2 a month later.)

“We had to put our issues aside and focus on raising them,” he says. “There will never be another mother for my sons, and I’ll always be their father.”

Life Father, Like Sons

Raising two boisterous boys can be challenging, especially when they take after their famous dad. “Usher [V] is always in everything,” he says. “He’s an instigator. He’s the one who leads his brother astray. I was like that when I was his age.”

Naviyd is more of a follower, doing whatever his big brother does. “So if one gets in trouble, the other one does, too,” says Usher. “They both have a lot of energy. They can wear me out.”

Fortunately, Usher has a babysitter nearby – his mom, Jonetta Patton, lives around the corner. “She spoils them,” Usher says with a sigh. “She lets them do everything that she wouldn’t let me do. Sometimes, when I’m scolding the kids, I sound just like my mom. I’m like, ‘how did Jonetta get in here?’ “

His Career

Usher, who released his new EP Versus last week, says that his work continues to evolve as he evolves in his own life.

“My music is about where I am at the time,” he says. “In Raymond vs. Raymond, I was going through a lot of things, and it came out in my music. My marriage fell apart and I was suddenly a single father. But now, with Versus, I’m singing about being a dating father.”

And will he sing about falling in love again? “I still believe in love,” says Usher. “I believe in marriage. When I fall in love again, everyone will know. I’ll sing about it.”

For more photos and details on Usher’s life as a dad, pick up this week’s PEOPLE, on newsstands now


Le mariage d’Usher avec Tameka Foster s’est peut-être terminé par un divorce, mais le chanteur ne considère pas sa relation avec elle comme un échec.

«J’apprécie notre relation pour ce qu’elle a été. Même si ça n’a pas fonctionné, je suis heureux que nous ayons été ensemble. Je l’aime comme la mère de mes enfants. Nous ne pouvions seulement pas être mariés», a confié le chanteur au magazine

Il croit que son horaire occupé ainsi que des divergences sur la manière d’élever les enfants ont contribué à creuser le fossé entre eux. «Nous sommes deux personnes différentes et nous avons des buts différents. C’était impossible que ça fonctionne à cent pour cent», croit Usher, qui estime que sa relation avec Tameka Foster a commencé à se détériorer après la naissance de leur deuxième enfant.

Celui qui a lancé son nouveau maxi «Versus» la semaine dernière souligne que la musique lui permet de traverser des épreuves. «Ma musique réfère à l’étape où je suis dans ma vie. Dans
Raymond v. Raymond, beaucoup de choses se brassaient dans ma vie et je l’ai exprimé par mon art. Mon mariage s’était dissout et j’étais soudainement un père célibataire. Mais maintenant, dans Versus, je chante sur le fait d’être un père à l’affût des rencontres.»

Le chanteur a eu deux garçons avec la styliste Tameka Foster. Ils se sont divorcés en

novembre 2009 après deux ans de vie commune.


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Written By: Ry
Jul 28, 2010


““If I could work with anyone it would be either Fergie or Usher,” Ciara told the British edition of OK! magazine. “I love Fergie, I love her attitude.

“When it comes to Usher, it’d be fun to see us dance together – a dance-off would be really fun. He’s an incredible performer and I really respect what he does. I appreciate it and think it would be really fun to do it together.” “

“Si je devais collaborer avec quelqu’un ce serait soit Usher soit Fergie” a déclaré la chanteuse Ciara au magazine britannique OK. ” “J’aime Fergie,J’aime son attitude”.

“En ce qui concerne Usher, ce serait drôle de nous voir danser ensemble. (….)C’est un performeur incroyable et je respecte vraiment ce qu’il fait.Je l’apprécie et ce serait très drôle de faire cela ensemble.”

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Written By: Ry
Jul 28, 2010


Reggae Sumfest organiser Johnny Gourzong has expressed pleasure at having international R&B star Usher as the headline act on International Night II, Saturday, July 24 and agreed that Usher’s performance would certainly go down as one of the best in the entire 18-year history of Reggae Sumfest.

“Despite the rain, Usher pulled out the crowd on Saturday night … and he is so easy to work with,” the Summerfest director disclosed.

R&B star Usher enjoyed a slice of Jamaica while here for last weekend’s Reggae Sumfest. Here he shares lens time with Anna Kay Russell while hanging out at Montego Bay’s Pier 1.

“You know, there are some international acts who are just so difficult to host. They want to leave the island as soon as the show ends; well …not Usher. He stayed on and he has had a great time in Jamaica. He likes ox-tail and jerk chicken and he was just enjoying the island.”

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According to Gourzong, Usher and headline act for International Night I, US singer Chris Brown, recorded a song together at a studio in Montego Bay last Saturday and on Sunday, Usher and his friends partied the night away at Pier One in the second city.

“He said he wanted to go somewhere local and we took him to Pier One where he danced up a storm,” Gourzong said, sounding delighted.

“Usher was teaching Robert (Russell) some dance moves and Robert in turn was teaching him some of our moves. I can’t really say how that one worked out,” Gourzong laughed.

“And it was a pleasure having Chris Brown as well. It was great to have them both on stage on Saturday night. That was a first,” Gourzong added.

A tweet on Usher’s Twitter page yesterday, stated: “Incredible weekend in Montego Bay for Reggae Sumfest!” — Yasmine Peru


Usher a donné un excellent concert en Jamaique malgré la pluie.Selon les organisateurs il s’agit surement de la meilleure performance à laquelle ils aient jamais assisté en l’espace de 18 ans . Il a été très agréable de travailler avec lui d’après les organisateurs. Usher n’est pas rentré aux Etats Unis directement après le concert. Il est allé faire la fête avec des amis.Il aurait également enregistré une chanson avec Chris Brown…

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Written By: Ry
Jul 11, 2010


R&B crooner Usher has his eye on a career in ladies’ underwear.

“I love a woman’s curves, her shape,” the 31-year-old told Glamour. “And you should know that I’m a fan of lingerie, I mean more than most men. Kiki De Montparnasse and Agent Provocateur – I know all the names.”

“[Jimmy Choo boss] Tamara Mellon is a friend of mine and I keep telling her we have to do something cool together, like design a lingerie line through Jimmy Choo,” he said, adding that his ideal woman would be “naked under a trench coat except for some Cosabella underwear and Jimmy Choo shoes”.

Despite all the sexy talk, the OMG singer has vowed to stay single. “I just got out of a two-year marriage, so I’m not interested in a relationship,” he explained. Usher has two young sons from his marriage to Tameka Foster, which ended in June 2009.


Traduction  en français en cliquant sur “Read The rest…”

La star du R&B, Usher, est passionnée par les sous-vêtements féminin. À un tel point qu’il veut créer une ligne de lingerie. Le chanteur du dernier tube de l’été “OMG” est tellement accroc qu’il passe son temps à acheter soutien gorges et corsets des plus grandes marques pour ses petites amies.

Mais, Usher a son idée bien précise pour dessiner sa propre ligne de lingerie avec son amie Tamara Mellon, qui gère la marque de chaussures Jimmy Choo.

Le chanteur confiait récemment au magasine Glamour britannique : “J’aime les courbes des femmes, leurs formes particulièrement lorsqu’elles sont nues. Et je suis un accroc de lingerie, je veux dire plus que la plupart de hommes – Kiki de Montparnasse et Agent Provocateur, je connais toutes les grandes marques. Pour moi, la femme idéale serait nue sous un trench coat simplement vêtue de dessous Cosabella et de chaussures Jimmy Choo. Tamara et moi, je pense que l’on peut faire quelque chose de bien ensemble, comme une ligne de lingerie pour Jimmy Choo.”


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Written By: Ry
Jul 09, 2010

Written By: Ry
Jul 08, 2010


“Versus” Is The Final Chapter Of “Raymond V. Raymond”

NEW YORK, July 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — On the heels of his successful, critically-acclaimed current album Raymond V. Raymond, Usher is gearing up to release Versus, an extension of R V. R with eight new songs on August 24th. On that day Usher fans will also have the opportunity to purchase Raymond V. Raymond (The Deluxe Edition) which will contain all songs from Raymond V. Raymond as well as Versus. The new set will include his current R&B hit “There Goes My Baby” and collaborations with Bun B, producer Polow Da Don and others.

More after the jump/Explications en français en cliquant “Read The rest of this entry”

Versus is a conceptual sequel and final chapter of Raymond V. Raymond — an album in which Usher uses music to explore the dichotomies of his life as a newly single man/father.

The lead single from the new set is “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” featuring Pitbull and is produced by the inimitable Max Martin — who has worked with some of the top pop artists in the world including P!nk, Katy Perry and Britney Spears. “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” will be delivered to radio stations world-wide this coming Monday morning. Shortly after, “Hot Tottie” produced by the hitmaker Polow, will be delivered to radio on August 9th.

Released late spring of 2010, Raymond V. Raymond reclaimed Usher‘s dominance on the charts, debuting at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums and R&B Albums charts spawning five hit singles:Papers,” “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home),” “Lil Freakfeaturing Nikki Minaj, “There Goes My Baby and the pervasive summer smash, OMGfeaturing Additionally, Raymond V. Raymond held the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s R&B Album chart for seven weeks and since has sold over six million tracks and ringtones combined.

Usher‘s ninth No. 1 single, OMG,” has had over 3 million tracks and ringtones to date and held the No. 1 spot on the Hot 100 Singles chart for four weeks in a row. The song hit No. 1 on the Nielsen RingScan chart and continues to chart in the Top 10 for its tenth consecutive week. “OMG” enjoyed international success as well, reaching No. 1 on the iTunes chart in both the UK and Australia. Usher‘s world domination extended through Canada (No. 1 airplay & Gold album), Ireland (No. 1), New Zealand (No. 1 airplay) and Sweden (Top 10 CHR).

This July, Usher will perform highly anticipated concerts in Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Beijing and Macau. On July 11th, at Wukesong Arena in Beijing, Usher will be joined by Asia’s top R&B star Wang Leehom for a joint performance.


Usher va ressortir Raymond Vs Raymond le 24 aout prochain:

-Deux éditions seront disponibles ce jour là:

*Versus:Un mini album avec 8 inédits.

*Raymond V Raymond Deluxe:Cette édition contiendra Raymond Vs Raymond et les 8 inédits de “Versus”

-Le premier single à découvrir demain sur son site officiel s’intitule “Dj Got Us Fallin In Love” en feat avec Pitbull.Le single est produit par Max Martin (Britney,P!nk,Katy Perry)

-Un autre single sera envoyé aux radios le 9 août il s’intitule “Hot Tottie”.Il est produit par Polow Da Don (Love In This Club, Lil freak).

-Le rappeur Bun B sera aussi sur l’album

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Written By: Ry
Jun 11, 2010


Usher says he knew his latest song would be a hit in the clubs, but he didn’t think that would translate into his own home.

The singer told The Associated Press this week that he knew “OMG” would have “incredible energy” but adds: “Did I know that my children would love it at 1 and 2? I only hoped.”

The thumping dance tune is produced by (wil eye am) and is his ninth No. 1 single. It’s from his gold-selling album “Raymond v. Raymond.”

The 31-year-old is the father of 2-year-old sons Usher Raymond V and 1-year-old Naviyd (nah-VEED’) Ely Raymond. He divorced their mother, Tameka Foster, last year.

Usher credits for the song’s success. He says the Black Eyed Peas leader always “keeps his finger on the pulse of where the world is and what they’re listening.”

Traduction en français en cliquant sur” Read More”

NEW YORK, États-Unis – Usher affirme qu’il savait que sa dernière chanson serait populaire dans les boîtes de nuit, mais il ignorait qu’elle aurait aussi du succès dans sa propre demeure.

Le chanteur a raconté à l’Associated Press cette semaine qu’il savait que «OMG» avait une énergie incroyable, mais qu’il ne pouvait qu’espérer que ses enfants de un et deux ans aimeraient la chanson.

La pièce, produite par, est la neuvième du chanteur à atteindre les sommets des palmarès. Elle est incluse sur son album «Raymond v. Raymond», qui a été certifié or.

L’artiste de 31 ans a deux fils, Usher Raymond V, âgé de deux ans, et Naviyd Ely Raymond, âgé d’un an. Il a divorcé de leur mère, Tameka Foster, l’an dernier.

Usher donne tout le crédit à pour le succès de «OMG». Selon lui, le leader des Black Eyed Peas est toujours au courant de ce que les gens aiment et de ce qu’ils écoutent.

Source :Metro

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