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Written By: Ry
Jan 06, 2011


Usher’s ready to start a revolution. The “OMG” singer, who is currently in the early stages of recording his next LP, is setting out to create a new genre of music on the follow-up to last year’s Raymond v. Raymond. Instead of dipping into Euro-pop like he did in 2010, Ursh is planning on making an album’s worth of “Revolutionary Pop.”


“I’m a consumer of culture and love mixing styles and inspirations, both in my music and my style,” the superstar told StyleList. “I’m working on a new genre of music—Revolutionary Pop—which combines several music genres to create a new sound experience.”

His fauxhawk also reflects the style of music he wants to develop with his seventh studio album. “I love that people are talking about the new hair, it represents who I am now and the creative movement of Revolutionary Pop,” he stated.

Though details are scarce surrounding the new project, Usher will be teaming back up with songwriter Rico Love, who penned his recent hits “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” and “There Goes My Baby.”

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Usher veut créer le courant “Revolutionary Pop” avec son prochain album.

“Je suis un consommateur de culture et j’aime mélanger les styles et les musiques à la fois dans mon style et dans ma musique” a déclaré la superstar à “Stylelist.”

“Je travaille sur un nouveau genre de musique le “Revolutionary Pop- qui sera la combinaison de plusieurs genres musicaux afin de créer un nouvelle expérience au niveau du son.”

Il déclare aussi que sa nouvelle coupe reflète le son qu’il veut développer dans son prochain album : “J’aime que les gens parlent de ma  nouvelle coupe, cela représente qui je suis et le mouvement créatif “Revolutionary Pop” .

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Written By: Ry
Dec 25, 2010


“Usher is definitely my favorite artist and I watched Usher grow up from a boy to a man and have a long career since he started in the game at 13. I feel Usher has set the blueprint to follow on having longevity. I remember during “Here I Stand” when he got married and had kids things got rough for him but he still bounced back with this project. I feel he showed us that even if you have a set back there is a chance you can bounce back.”

“Usher est définitivement mon artiste favori et j’ai regardé Usher grandir et passer du stade de jeune homme à celui d’homme et avoir une longue carrière puisqu’il a commencé à l’âge de 13 ans.

Je pense que Usher a mis en place le plan à suivre en matière de longévité. Je me souviens durant la période de “Here I Stand” quand il s’était marié et qu’il a eu des enfants, les choses ont été difficiles pour lui mais il a rebondit avec ce projet-Raymond V. Raymond. Je pense qu’il nous a montré que même lorsque l’on a des moments difficiles il y a une possibilité de rebondir”.

Source: TheUrbanDaily

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Written By: Ry
Apr 20, 2010

>95.8 Capital FM’s Summertime Ball Line-Up Revealed!

Justin Bieber, Usher, Rihanna, Cheryl Cole & JLS all confirmed…

Some of the biggest names in the land of pop have been announced for 95.8 Capital FM’s Summertime Ball.

Breakfast DJ’s Johhny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon revealed the line-up live on air this morning with the likes of Rihanna, Usher and teen sensation Justin Bieber all destined to hit the stage on 6th June.

JLS and Cheryl Cole will be representing for the UK, joining the acts above to perform at London’s Wembley Stadium.


Rumours have suggested that Bieber may even perform with his mentor Usher live at the event whilst JLS’ Marvin Humes tweeted: “Heard we’ve been announced alongside Usher, Rihanna, Justin Bieber & Cheryl at Capital’s Summertime Ball…Very excited! Marv x”

Two more big acts are set to be confirmed tomorrow morning with Vaughan announcing: “We’ve got some incredible names kicking off the lineup for this year’s Summertime Ball.”

He added: “I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so stay tuned to find out who else will be performing for you at Wembley! Live music’s coming home!”

Tickets for the Summertime Ball are on sale now!

Source:MTV UK

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Written By: Ry
Apr 18, 2010


We are pleased to be the first (yes again) to announce you that Usher is officially #1 in the UK with his hit single OMG, featuring Pop Icon Will.I.Am!

It is Usher’s 1st #1 single in the UK since Burn in 2004.It is also is 4th number 1 hit in the UK.

Usher is the KING.That’s all…

UsherRaymondBlog est ravi d’être le premier(encore une fois) à vous annoncer la bonne nouvelle de cette fin de semaine! Usher est enfin #1 en Angleterre avec son single OMG en featuring avec Will.I.Am.

Il s’agit du  1er numéro un d’Usher depuis Burn en 2004, il s’agit du 4ème numéro un de sa carrière en Angleterre.

Usher est le Roi.Tout simplement!

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Written By: Ry
Apr 15, 2010


R&B/Pop Icon,Usher, just scored his 15th top 10 according to report:

“Joining the top 10 party in only its second week on the chart is Usher’s “OMG,” featuring, which motors 14-10. The track is Usher’s 15th top 10 and first since he topped the list with “Love in this Club” for three weeks in March 2008. Usher hasn’t had a song reach the top 10 this quickly since 1998 when “Nice & Slow” debuted at No. 9 and “My Way” went 13-9 in its second week on the list.”

Congrats to Usher and Will.I.Am! Dont stop requesting and buying the song !

Usher continue de battre des records avec Raymond Vs Raymond! Grâce à son hit international OMG, Usher vient de décrocher son 15ème top 10 aux Etats-Uni, en se plaçant à la 10ème place!UsheRaymondBlog

Et ce n’est pas tout, OMG est aussi la chanson d’Usher a grimper le plus rapidement dans le top 10, depuis 1998 avec Nice & Slow.UsherRaymonDBLOG


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Written By: Ry
Apr 14, 2010


Here is BillBoard report

Justin Bieber scoots back to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with “My World 2.0,” shifting 102,000 copies (down 65%) in its third week on the chart. It bowed atop the list two weeks ago with 283,000 but fell to No. 2 last week upon the No. 1-arrival of Usher‘s “Raymond v Raymond” (329,000 in its debut). This week, Usher’s set slips to No. 2 with 92,000, down 72%.”

It is safe to say that Usher is doing REALLY WELL: JB has promoted his album everywhere this week from SNL to Jimmy Fallon while Usher was Nowhere…Congrats to Usher for this excellent 2nd week!

Usher is also #1 in New Zealand Single Charts and is likely to be #1 in England and Ireland! Keep on requesting songs on radio and buying them on itunes!

Traduction en français à la fin.

D’après Billboard, Usher se place cette semaine en deuxème position du Billboard Hot avec près de 100 000 exemplaires (92 000). Justin Bieber est premier grâce à une semaine de promo intense dans la plupart des grand show tv Us tandis que Usher n’était simplement nul part…Usher se débrouille donc plutôt bien!

UsherRaymondBlog est aussi ravi de féliciter Usher pour son #1 en Nouvelle Zelande avec OMG. La chanson devrait bientôt être première en Angleterre et en Irlande!

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