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Written By: Valentina
May 29, 2012

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Written By: Valentina
May 23, 2012

Usher has announced he will be performing a one-off show in London next month.

The ‘Climax’ singer will be putting on a special night for his fans in the UK to celebrate the release of his seventh studio album Looking 4 Myself, which coincides with the show on June 11.

Usher has been receiving praise for his forthcoming LP after previewing tracks, ‘Scream,’ ‘Lemme See’ and ‘Twisted.’ The record will feature collaborations from Rick Ross and Pharrell and will boast a more grown-up sound from the veteran R&B crooner.

“So this album is not a monochromatic thing—certain songs were specifically intended to get certain things out, different tones and emotions. And as an artist, that brought out the best in me,” Usher said.

Tickets for the one-off London show will go on sale on Friday, June 1st at 9am.

Usher a annoncé qu’il performera dans un one-off show à Londres le mois prochain.

Le chanteur de “Climax” fera une nuit spéciale pour ses fans britanniques pour célébrer la sortie de son septième album studio “Looking 4 Myself”, qui coïncidera avec le show le 11 juin.

Usher a reçu des éloges pour son prochain LP avec des pistes comme, “Scream”, “Lemme See” et “Twisted”. L’enregistrement présente des collaborations avec Rick Ross et Pharrell.

“Donc cet album n’est pas des certaines de choses monochromatiques  -certaines chansons ont été spécifiquement destinées pour sortir de certaines choses, des tons différents et des émotions. Et comme un artiste, qui a apporté le meilleur de moi,” a dit Usher.

Les tickets pour le one-off show de Londres seront mis en vente vendredi 1er juin à 9h00.


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Written By: Valentina
May 17, 2012

Usher’s new album is an “art-in-motion diary” which reflects on some of the “heavy transitions” in his life.

Usher says his upcoming record Looking 4 Myself is about his personal life.

“There’s an emotional side to it. Over the last three years of my life, it’s no secret I went through some heavy transitions and in that I really came out new. I came out feeling a sense of entitlement and a sense of ownership of all of that I went through to become better and in being able to survive it. So I was looking for something in the music,” he told MTV News during MTV First.

“I was looking for something in life. I was looking for something in it has always been right here. It has always been there. So I kind of used the music as a diary in a way, but a creative, artistic, art-in-motion diary.”

Usher has explained the concept behind the lead single from the album, Climax.

The promo sees him as a jilted lover who is contemplating shooting his girlfriend’s other interest. Usher insists the song isn’t about sex.

“Climax was an interpretation to really give people a better understanding ’cause I felt like people really looked at the record for what you heard first, which was Climax. So, people thought sex. It’s not about sex. Well, climax is about sex, but not the song. Just so we’re clear,” he smiled.

“The song is really about kind of the crescendo of a relationship, where you’ve reached a place where you’re gonna dive in or let it go. And the Climax is what it is.”

 Le nouvel album d’Usher est un “art-in-motion diary” lequel reflete quelques unes des “lourdes transitions” de sa vie.

Usher a dit que son nouvel album “Looking 4 Myself” parle de sa vie personnelle.

“Il y a un côté émotionnel à cela. Pendant les trois dernières années de ma vie, ce n’est pas un secret que j’ai passé quelques lourdes transitions et dans lequel je suis vraiment sorti nouveau. Je suis sorti sentant le sens du droit et le sens de la propriété de tous que j’ai passé pour devenir mieux et dans la capacité d’en réchapper. Donc je cherchais quelque chose dans la musique,” il a dit à MTV News pendant MTV First.

“Je cherchais quelque chose dans la vie. J’y cherchais quelque chose était toujours juste ici. C’était toujours là. Ainsi j’ai utilisé la musique comme un agenda en un sens, mais un agenda, créatif, artistique, d’art en mouvement.”

Usher a expliqué le concept derrière le single de l’album, “Climax”.

La promo le voit comme un amant qui envisage de tuer dans l’intérêt de sa copine. Usher insiste sur le fait que la chanson ne parle pas de sexe.

“Climax était une interprétation pour vraiment donner une meilleure compréhension aux gens  qui regardent juste l’enregistrement pour ce que vous avez d’abord entendu, ce qui était Climax. Ainsi, les gens ont pensé au sexe. Ce n’est pas à propos de sexe. Bien, climax est à propos de sexe, mais pas la chanson. Donc nous sommes clairs”, il a sourit.

La chanson est vraiment à propos du crescendo d’une relation, où vous avez atteint un endroit où vous allez plonger dedans ou le laisser aller. Et c’est ce qu’est Climax”.


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Written By: Valentina
May 14, 2012

Usher returned for his third stint on Saturday Night Live this weekend, debuting two new tracks from his forthcoming album ‘Looking 4 Myself’. The R&B star began with the high tempo single ‘Scream’, though later schmoozed the audience with the slower ‘Climax’, reports Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition to his performances, Usher made a brief cameo in the star-studded ‘Digital Short’ as well as appearing as Mr Galactic Fantastic in the ’2012 Funkytown Debate’ sketch, lending his support to Will Ferrell’s mayoral candidate Captain Catfish. The singer’s last studio album ‘Raymond vs Raymond’ came out in 2010, with guest vocalists including Redone, Tricky Stewart and Jermaine Dupri. The album received mixed reviews from critics, though won Usher numerous awards including the Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Album and Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. ‘Looking 4 Myself’ – which hits shelves on June 12, 2012 – includes collaborations with Empire Of The Sun and Swedish House Mafia. Producers on the record include Diplo, Rico Love, Jim Jonsin and Max Martin.

Usher est retourné pour la troisième fois au Saturday Night Live ce week-end, chantant deux de ses nouvelles chansons de son prochain album “Looking For Myself”. La star du R&B a commencé avec le tempo de “Scream”, plus tard il a séduit les auditeurs avec la ballade “Climax”, a reporté le magazine Rolling Stone.

En plus de ses performances, Usher a fait un bref cameo dans “Digital Short” aussi bien apparaissant comme Mr. Galactic Fantastic dans le sketch “2012 Funkytown Debate”. Le dernier album du chanteur “Raymond V Raymond” sorti en 2010, avec des vocalistes incluant Redone, Tricky Stewart et Jermaine Dupri. L’album a reçu des critiques mitigées, mais Usher  a gagné de nombreuw awards incluant le Grammy pour le Best Contemporary R&B Album ainsi que le Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. “Looking 4 Myself” – qui sortira le 12 juin 2012 – inclut des collaborations avec Empire Of The Sun et Swedish House Mafia. Les producteurs incluent Diplo, Rico Love, Jim Jonsin et Max Martin.


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Written By: Valentina
May 09, 2012

Usher says he can’t believe the release of his new album ‘Looking For Myself’ is almost hear, and has promised fans he gave his heart on the upcoming studio record.

The ‘Climax’ singer has been working heavily on his seventh studio offering for the past few months, and recently unveiled the album’s next single ‘Scream’ on Capital FM.

“It’s crazy… after all these months of work. It’s finality here,” Usher tweeted last night (8th May). “I’ve really given my heart on this one!! URIV – Evolve or Evaporate.”

Last week the ‘Without You’ singer unveiled the full track listing for his new record, featuring 14 tracks in its standard edition with an additional four for the deluxe, which also revealed collaborations on the album with both Rick Ross and Luke Steele from Empire Of The Sun.

Usher’s new album ‘Looking For Myself’ is available to pre-order now and is set to be officially released on 11th June while his new single ‘Scream’ is due out on 4th June.

Usher a dit qu’il ne peux pas croire que son nouvel album “Looking For Myself” va bientôt sortir, et il a promis à ses fans qu’il a donné son coeur pour le prochain album studio.

Le chanteur de “Climax” a lourdement travaillé sur son septième album studio pendant quelques mois, et a récemment dévoilé “Scream”, le single suivant de l’album à Capital FM.

“C’est fou… après tous ces mois de travail. Il est enfin la”, Usher a tweeté la nuit dernière (8 mai). “J’ai réellement donné mon coeur !! URIV – Evoluer ou Evaporer”.

La semaine dernière, le chanteur de “Without you” a dévoilé la tracklist de son nouvel album, qui contient 14 chansons dans l’édition standard et 4 de plus dans l’édition Deluxe, qui révèle aussi des collaborations avec Rick Ross et Luke Steele de l’Empire Of The Sun.

Le nouvel album d’Usher “Looking For Myself” est maintenant disponible en précommande et il sortira officiellement le 12 juin, son nouveau single “Scream” sortira le 4 juin.


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Written By: Valentina
May 08, 2012

 Usher has compared the release of his new studio album “Looking For Myself” to a boxer standing toe-to-toe with his opponent in the ring.

The “Climax” singer told Billboard that in the creation of his seventh studio record he is “striving for greatness” and has made sure to give his all.

“It’s all about striving for greatness and offering the best I have. It’s no different than a boxer: Standing in front of the person trying to tear his head off, he has to give his all to make it out of that ring,” he confessed.

The star is currently preparing for his role as Sugar Ray Leonard in the new boxing biopic Hands of Stone, which also features Gael Garcia Bernal and Robert De Niro.

The R&B star has already premiered two different sounds to the album including his latest single ‘Scream’ and recently told Capital that the album is “full of collaboration”.

Usher will also be heading to Wembley Stadium this summer to perform at the Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012 alongside the likes of Coldplay, The Wanted and Katy Perry.

Usher a comparé la sortie de son nouvel album studio “Looking For Myself” à un boxer restant orteil-à-orteil avec son adversaire dans le ring.

Le chanteur de “Climax” a dit à Billboard que dans la création de son septième studio il c’est assuré de donner son maximum.

“C’est à propos d’offrir le meilleur de moi. Ce n’est pas différent d’un boxeur : rester debout devant la personne qui essaye de vous mettre ko, il doit donner son maximum pour sortir de ce ring”, il a confessé.

La star est actuellement entrain de préparer son rôle de Sugar Ray Leonard dans le nouveau film Hands of Stone, où apparaitrons Gael Garcia Bernal et Robert De Niro.

La star du R&B a déjà sorti deux chansons de son album incluant son dernier single “Scream” et il a récemment dit à Capital que son album est “plein de collaborations”.

Usher sera au Wembley Stadium pour performer au Capital FM Summertime Ball 2012.


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Written By: Valentina
May 03, 2012

After previewing his new album “Looking 4 Myself” in an off-Broadway show “Fuerza Bruta”, Usher unwraps cover art and song selection for the album. The artwork boasts a closeup snapshot of the singer from the side, while the tracklisting reveals titles of fourteen tracks for its standard edition and four bonus songs for its deluxe package.

Three of those listed songs have officially been released by Usher. They are slinky ballad “Climax”, club banger “Scream” and sexy midtempo track “Lemme See” which features Rick Ross. In addition to having Rozay on “Lemme See”, Usher teams up with Pharrell Williams in “Twisted” and joins forces with Luke Steele in the title track.

“This album has many different views and many different perspectives,” he once said to MTV. “It’s a ton of other experiences and a ton of other walks … as I’ve had this long journey over the last year [and] every bit of what I’ve experienced I’ve put into a creative, artistic way.”

Standard Edition:

1. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”

2. “Scream”

3. “Climax”

4. “I Care For U”

5. “Show me”

6. Lemme See” Feat. Rick Ross

7. “Twisted” Feat. Pharrell Williams

8. “Dive”

9. “What Happened To U”

10. “Looking For Myself” Feat. Luke Steele

11. “Numb”

12. Lessons For The Lover”

13. “Sins Of My Father”

14. “Euphoria”

Deluxe Edition :

1. “I.F.U.”

2. “Say The Words”

3. “2nd Round”

4. “Hot Thing”

Après le preview de son nouvel album “Looking For Myself” dans le show de Broadway “Fuerza Bruta”, Usher déballe la couverture ainsi que les chansons de l’album. Le tracklisting révèle les titres de quatorze chansons pour son édition standard et quatre chansons bonus pour la version Deluxe.

Trois de ces chansons ont officiellement été communiquées par Usher. “Climax”, club banger “Scream” et “Lemme See” en featuring avec Rick Ross.

“Cet album a beaucoup de vues et de perspectives differentes”, il a dit une fois à MTV. “C’est une tonne d’autres expériences et une tonne d’autres promenades … comme j’ai eu ce long voyage au cours de l’année dernière [et] chaque morceau de ce que j’ai éprouvé je l’ai mis dans une voie créative, artistique”.


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Written By: Ry
May 01, 2012

Usher has promised fans his upcoming album ‘Looking For Myself’ will feature a string of big collaborations and says the album has a very different feel to any of his previous records.

The ‘Climax’ singer is already known to have collaboration with the likes of Justin Bieber and Rick Ross on his seventh studio record, but says there are more duets and producers he worked with that have yet to be revealed.

“I’m all about collaboration man,” Usher revealed to “This album is full of it!

“You know I worked with Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun,” the ‘Without You’ singer teased. ‘I worked with many producers that I worked with in the past.

“But it is a bit of a different experience, even for those producers that I do had e kind of a connection and an understanding or a brand built with,” he added.

Last week saw Usher give his next single ‘Scream’ its first play on Capital FM and the R&B star has also unveiled a new song called ‘Lemme See’ , featuring Rick Ross, as a special free bonus for those who pre-order his album in May.

Usher is set to release his new single ‘Scream’ on 4th June followed by his brand new album ‘Looking For Myself’ on 11th June.



Usher a révélé à que son album devrait contenir beaucoup de collaborations.

“Je vais faire plein de collaborations. Cet album est plein de collaborations. Vous savez que j’ai travaillé avec Luke Steele d’Empire of the Sun. J’ai travaillé avec des producteurs avec lesquels j’ai collaboré dans le passé. Mais cette fois c’est un peu une toute autre expérience même pour les producteurs avec lesquels j’avais une certaine connexion et une compréhension ou avec lesquels j’avais construit une image de marque”.


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Written By: Mary
Apr 30, 2012

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Written By: Mary
Apr 25, 2012

You may not know the name Eric Bellinger, but you’re most likely familiar with his music. As a renowned songwriter, he’s crafted recent hits, including Usher’s new banger “Climax” and Jennifer Hudson’s “Think Like a Man.”

 But even with his singing career just taking off, Bellinger hasn’t forgotten about his bread and butter. In an exclusive interview with, he revealed he also wrote Usher’s brand-new single “Let Me See.” “I’m definitely excited about [it],” he says of the song, which is slated to drop within days. “Rick Ross is featured on there; Jim Johnson produced it. It’s really going to live in the clubs for a long time.”

 With his songwriting on “Climax” and “Let Me See” leading the way, Bellinger is ecstatic about Usher’s new album, Looking for Myself, which is scheduled for a June 12 release. “With this next album, he’s about to change everybody’s perspective on music,” he says. “Honestly, [he's] birthing a whole new sound. The Usher that everyone loves is coming back, [but] it’s like he’s hungrier than ever. From concepts to his vocals to the performance, each song is a movie in itself. You definitely have a lot to look forward to.”

 Bellinger said that he and Usher have amazing chemistry, noting that he’s been a huge fan and student of the superstar’s music for years. “From the first day we actually worked, it’s just been incredible,” Bellinger said. “I don’t know how we hit it off so well. I’ve been looking at him as a R&B singer and studying his music for so long that I was already in his world when it came to melody, and I already had put my mindset where he would come [in terms of] different tones and adlibs and concepts. It was easier for us to be on the same page because I’ve been studying him for so long… I’m sure he appreciated it and was able to see it instantly.”


Vous ne pouvez pas connaître de nom Eric Bellinger, mais vous êtes le plus susceptible d’avoir familiariser avec sa musique. Comme un auteur-compositeur de renom, il a conçu des succès récents, y compris les nouvelles d’Usher “Climax” et Jennifer Hudson ”Think Like a Man​​”.

Mais même si sa carrière de chanteur est en train de décoller, Bellinger n’a pas oublié son pain et son beurre. Dans une interview exclusive avec, il a révélé qu’il a également écrit le tout nouveau single de Usher “Let Me See.” «Je suis vraiment excité à propos de [lui]», dit-il de la chanson, qui est prévu d’être libérer dans quelques jours. ”Rick Ross est présent sur celui-ci; Jim Johnson a produit. Il va vraiment vivre pendant une longue période dans les clubs.».

Avec son écriture sur “Climax” et “Let Me See”, Bellinger estextatique sur le nouvel album d’Usher, Looking For Myself, qui est prévu pour le 12 Juin. ”Avec ce prochain album, il est sur ​​le point dechanger de perspective de tout le monde sur la musique,» dit-il. ”Honnêtement, [il a] donner naissance à un tout nouveau son. L’Usher que tout le monde aime est de retour, [mais] c’est un peu comme il est plus affamé que jamais. Des concepts à ses voix, à la performance, chaque chanson est un film en lui-même.Vous avez certainement beaucoup à espérer. ”

 Bellinger a déclaré que lui et Usher ont une alchimie étonnante, notant qu’il a été un grand fan de sa musique et un élève de la superstar pendant des années. ”Dès le premier jour où nous avons travaillé, c’était juste incroyable», M. Bellinger. ”Je ne sais pas comment nous avions sympathisé si bien. J’ai été à le regarder comme un chanteur R&B et d’étudier sa musique depuis si longtemps que j’étais déjà dans son monde quand il est venu à la mélodie, et je lui avais déjà mis mon état d’esprit où il viendrait [en termes de] tonalités différentes et adlibs et des concepts. Il était plus facile pour nous d’être sur la même page parce que je l’ai étudié pendant si longtemps… Je suis sûr qu’il a apprécié et a pu le voir instantanément. ”


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